Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What A Tease...

Just a little snippet to tide you over until I can get the photos together to go with this post...I promise it will be very soon.

I had the good fortune of running into Iota Ultsch, clothing designer extraordinaire and owner of Tres Jolie, while shopping the Stiletto Moody sale* over the weekend. From our conversations, and following her recommendations, I visited Paper Couture...another fabulous boutique.

I can't wait to upload some pictures and tell you more about Iota, Tres Jolie and Paper Couture...stay tuned...

* for the record...I did a pretty good job cleaning up at the sales over the last month and the Stiletto Moody sale was no exception. But...the new releases were so fabulous that I couldn't help but go waaayyy over budget stocking up on some really gorgeous and glam footwear...but that is a post of it's own. (sheesh, I had better get busy!)