Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

"Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right..."
-The Beatles

Summer has finally arrived, it seems, as the sun is now making regular appearances and I'm feeling inspired by it's bright warmth and the cool nighttime breezes.

Warm weather style is all about effortless chic. Whether your dressing for day or night, casual, formal or somewhere in between, the goal is to keep your look fresh and flowing, but still completely pulled though you've just run in from the pool with only a few minutes to make yourself fabulous.

To that end, I've put together for you a collection of some of my favorite early summer ensembles.

Style Sheets:

Outfit 1:
Dress: One Shoulder Yellow Dress by Heart Cupcakes (I can never make the little heart symbol work in blogger)
Shoes: Vidalia Pump - Gold Croc - Armidi Gisaci
Hair: Ashly in Blonde - ETD

Outfit 2:
Dress: Ashley - Sunshine - T..a..R..t
Shoes: Gladiator Sandals - Brown - J's
Hair: Charlisa II in Blonde - ETD
Necklace: Triple Pearl Necklace - Golden - Armidi Gisaci
Bracelet: Triple Pearl Necklace - Earth - Armidi Gisaci

Outfit 3:
Dress: Whirlwind Orange - Alchemy
Shoes: Slinky Stilettos - Turquoise - Maitreya
Hair: Jessica in Blonde - ETD
Bracelets: Coco Bangle Bracelet - Miam Miam and one of my own design

Outfit 4:
Bathing Suit and Dress: Angel Food Cake - Icing
Shoes: Signature Sandals - Brown & Gold - Lassitude and Ennui
Jewelry: Wood, Metal and Opal Jewelry - Last Call
Hair: Lynne II in Blonde - ETD

Outfit 5:
Shirt: Henrietta Flower - Yellow - LeeZu Baxter
Shorts: Joan Jean Shorts - Regular - Armidi Elephant Outfitters
Shoes: Venus Sandals - Black - HUB
Hair: Davina II in Blonde - ETD

Skin - For all photos - My favorite Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3

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Missing Communities

This isn't going to be your usual post from me...don't worry, I'll be back later with some great summertime looks. But for now, I want to bring to your attention, dear readers, some new information about the SL5B Celebration. The official announcement reads, in part:

"Each year, on the date that Second Life came out of beta (June 23rd 2003), Residents and Lindens have gathered to celebrate the amazing world we’ve been creating. This June 23rd, our community marks its Fifth Birthday, and the volunteer Birthday Team (who has been planning this party since last year) picked a theme that will be hard to resist– “Celebrating the cultural diversity of Second Life”."
However, this year, several cultural communities within SL will be left out of the festivities. The SL Children communities, as well as Gor and BDSM communities have been banned from participation. When the event was announced on the Second Life blog, it was made clear that this event would be created by and for the residents.
"This is a Resident-created, Linden Lab-sponsored event, which means that Linden Lab has donated the land and various basic resources, but the rest comes from you, the community."
It appears this is no longer the case. You can read more about this travesty by visiting the blogs of those who are able to speak on this subject far more intelligently and eloquently than I. Writers such as Tateru Nino of, Vint Falken, Dusan Writer, among others have added their voice to the cause. (Actually, Vint has an excellent list on her site).

I ask you to please vote for the Missing Cultures and Communities from SL5B Jira issue reported by Vint Falken.
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chouchou et Chocolat

The first time I met my very dear friend CodeBastard Redgrave, she was wearing the most gorgeous dress covered in sparkling red paillettes. A gift, she said, from her friend Eshi. Like a fool, I only nodded and complimented it's beauty, never asking more about the designer.

A couple of weeks later, I received an invitation to a taping of Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe at the SLCN studios. The featured guests were to be Eshi Otawara of Chambre du Chocolat and the musical group Chouchou. Finally making the connection between Codie's friend Eshi and Chambre du Chocolat, I visited her boutique for a look around and instantly fell in love with the glowing, ethereal Smokey Tux Dress.

Having visited the seductively barren Chouchou sim before, I knew at once that this dress would photograph beautifully there. I wasn't disappointed.

Because the dress is so captivating in its composition and movement, I chose to keep my accessories simple.

The dress does come with a pearl choker that is lovely, but I chose to wear black pearls to accentuate the smokiness of the gown itself.

I chose a simple updo from ETD that had some volume to balance the width of the skirt. I also opted for the Diamond Bee Ring from Paper Couture that I am in love with and tend to wear with just about everything.

Please click on the pictures for a larger version. You can also find more photos on my Flickr page.

Style sheet:
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3
Hair: ETD Holly - Blonde
Eyes: ~Glanz~ .::Eyes::. mid : FreshBlue
Necklace and Earrings: Paper Couture p.c. Black Pearl Set
Ring: Paper Couture p.c. Diamond Bee Ring
Dress: Chambre du Chocolat Smokey Tux Dress in Gold
Poses: Boudoir Rouge Collection by Alexx Markova available at OPC Store

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oops! I Got A Little G.L.A.M. on my LAP

While sitting around on my beach earlier this week, I received in inventory offer from Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose. Now, I love Dove dearly, but I have to admit that I was a little nervous about what could be in the folder tantalizingly named "Slippery." To my delight (and relief), it was a preview of her newest pose set. I wasted no time and immediately began an impromptu pose-off with my dog...what? she was the only one around!

Lots more after the jump...

I loaded the new goodies into my pose stand and my pose HUD(both from Tillie's...both fabulous!) and continued my inventory organization the way, I was diligent and managed to trim off 5K by eliminating old notecards, duplicate landmarks, freebie gestures and storing some duplicates that had been lurking around, weighing me down. But I digress...

While putting clothes into their proper location, I came across my G.L.A.M. folder and realized it was woefully empty. Then I remembered that they were having a sale at one point so I sauntered over to see if the sale was still going on and, if not, were there any new releases. Luckily for me, the sale was still on so I loaded up on some great mix and match pieces and fat packs (at 200-300 L$ per pack, how could I pass it up?)

I chose two outfits from this G.L.A.M-apolooza that really seemed to fit the new Slipper pose set from Long Awkward pose.

The first outfit, at the top of the post, is a sleek pencil dress with a great black belt. To keep the look chic, I opted for only my black ChiChi Pumps from Maitreya and my favorite sunglasses as accessories.

The second outfit, a satin corset jumpsuit, just begged for a heavier hand in the accessories department so I added a great flowy belt, a stack of bracelets and a charm necklace. Oh, and check out the shoes! These are Pixel Mode's new Leeza Stiletto. They have a great little platform under the toe and fabulously high heels. I'm especially fond of the shiny, but not overpowering, texture.

Dove released the Slippery pose set this week, so head on over to Long Awkward Pose and pick it up. I'm starting to think this is my favorite of Dove's sets so far...then again, I say that with each new release...she's just that good.

I have no idea how long the sale at G.L.A.M. will continue, but you will want to run there right away and stock up on some great ready-to-wear outfits and inventory must-have separates.

Style Sheets:
Photo 1:
Hair: Mirai Style .+*Mash*+.Coco [MS]
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3
Sunglasses: .:Suite17:. Sunglasses JETGLOSS
Outfit: G.L.A.M. Bustier Pencil Dress in Azure
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Maitreya ChiChi Pumps in Black

Outfit 2:
Hair: ETD Jessica - Blonde
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3
Bracelets: Bonita's Jewelry Black & Pearls Bracelets 4 - #3
Necklace: Miam Miam *MM* Charm Medallian Necklace
Sunglasses: .:Suite17:. Sunglasses JETGLOSS
Outfit: G.L.A.M. Satin Corset Jumpsuit
Belt: caLLie cLine Wild Cat Scarf Belt (b&w)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Leeza Stiletto in Blood

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Personal Trainers

Call them what you will...trainers, sneakers, tennies, running shoes...I love them! And I'm especially a fan of good old Converse All Stars. (You just can't beat a great pair of Chuck Taylors!) So, when I saw these sneakers on Sofia's blog, I immediately jumped on Pyper with a torrent of ZOMG's and Squeee's. I knew right away that I had to have a pair...and they are every bit as fabulous as I had hoped.

To showcase the shoes, I decided to put together a totally casual and comfortable look, perfect for lounging at the house and trying to get a little work done.

Keep reading after the jump...
I headed out to DeLa* where I picked up this great tank and scarf combo. I love shorts, so I was having trouble deciding between the cute and baggy black ones or the totally comfy cargo shorts. Which do you prefer?

Let's talk about the shoes. These are from Urban Bomb Unit and are the PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops and they are Unisex. Every piece of the shoe is modifiable via a scripted menu. You can modify the size, wear them straight up or folded down, change any of the textures individually, change the laces, the lace rings...everything! I had so much fun mixing and matching textures and in then end, for this look, I settled on a very tame Falu Red and Burberry Plaid.

The attention to detail on these shoes is fantastic. Check out the scuff marks on the toe of the shoe...even a little handwritten "I heart my shoes" written in ballpoint pen. I mean, who didn't write on their shoes in high school?!?

So, if you need to give your tootsies a break, slip your feet into these adorable shoes...and then have fun playing around with the options to make them uniquely yours.

Oh, and while putting this look together, I couldn't help but stop in AnaLu and pick up some new poses...yeah, like all of them (gasp!). Ana Lutetia makes some great poses and even offers a free-to-use photo studio at her main store location. And if you really want to keep up with all of the new releases, be sure to check her blog...this girl is quick! quick! quick! when it comes to reviewing all of the latest and greatest from SL fashion designers.

Style Sheet:
Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit
Tank and Scarf: Jessie in Red by DeLa*
Shorts 1: Short Pants Black by *Shop Seu*
Shorts 2: Dora Jean Shorts in Blue02 by DeLa*
Socks: Knit Knee Socks in Olive (Darks Pack) by Shiny Things
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3
Hair: Brittany in Blond by ETD
Poses: AnaLu

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Y Factor

I thought I'd break from the norm and throw a little men's fashion at you. Just a little something to satisfy our readers with that pesky Y chromosome. I asked Guy to model for me and he was gracious enough to oblige after only a minimum of arm-twisting and sweet-talking by yours truly.

So we set out to find a couple of new-to-us items and came across Valiant. There are some really nice designs here and we picked out several. Then we made off to Shiny Things for some shoes and then rummaged through his inventory to fill out the looks.

Click the jump for more photos and style sheets.

The top photo, of course, is a great tuxedo from Rebel Hope. We really like to go out dancing, so this particular outfit comes up pretty often in the rotation.

With the vest, cuff and loafers, this look is perfect for a concert or other relatively casual shopping. (Honey, would you mind holding my purse, please? I just want to look at one more thing...)

And for ultra casual days, the open jacket with prim cuffs and collar work perfectly with the grey wash on these jeans from Rogue.

We do hope you enjoyed this little departure, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Style Sheets:
Look 1:
Tuxedo: Carlton by Rebel Hope
Vest and Tie: Carlton in Pewter by Rebel Hope
Shoes: Mens Black Shine by Storm Schmooz
Hair: HD in Wolf Black by hiko Nino
Sunglasses: Magnum Scripted by Suite 17

Look 2:
Shirt and Vest: White shirt with waist coat by Valiant
Sunglasses: Magnum Scripted by Suite 17
Jeans: Antonio Dark Wash by Moderno (no longer available)
Hair: HD in Wolf Black by hiko Nino
Bracelet: Belou Cuff by Shiny Things
Shoes: Tritones shoes - White leopard by Shiny Things

Look 3:
Jacket: Open Bomber Jacket by Valiant
Jeans: Grey Jeans by Rogue
Bracelet: Mens ID Bracelet by RH Engel
Shoes: Spencers in Black by Shiny Things
Hair: HD in Wolf Black by hiko Nino
Sunglasses: Magnum Scripted by Suite 17

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Here's the Scoop

I read about this on Tymmerie's blog and decided to post my own answers...Feel free to copy and post your responses in the comments or in your own blog. But if you post it in your blog...let me know! I want to be sure to read it.

So, here's the scoop on Gabby and a even a little glimpse beyond the avi.

1. What time did you get up this morning? My alarm went off at 6:00 am...I finally rolled out of bed at 7:15am

2. Diamonds or pearls? All Diamonds, all the time

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Bridge to Terabithia, I usually TiVo movies from PPV

4. Favorite TV show? Dexter, but since the season is over...I'm into The Tudors...oh, but Weeds starts up at the end of the month. So, yeah, I like the Showtime series...they replay often enough that I don't have to worry about missing an ep.

(keep reading, there is more after the Jump)

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Coffee or Hot Tea, Yogurt, Granola...unless I stop at the bakery...then it will be something considerably less healthy

6. What is your middle name? According to Pyper, it's Loo

7. What food do you dislike? Cooked peas and spinach...though I love both fresh in a salad.

8. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Todd Snider - Tales from Moondawg's Tavern...a five CD compilation of live recordings that a friend sent to me

9. Favorite sandwich? Turkey and Swiss in a pita with cucumbers, sprouts, tomato, and lettuce, a little mayo and good, grainy mustard.

10. What characteristic do you despise? Arrogance

11. Favorite item of clothing? My Maitreya Raw Jeans...the first article of clothing I actually bought.

12. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be? My little spot on Crescent Beach in Siesta Key, FL...not the least bit exciting, I know, but it is my favorite place in the US. I would, of course, love to travel Europe...but if I have to pick one's SK.

13. What color is your bathroom? In RL, cream and sage green. I don't have a bathroom in SL.

14. Do you make friends easily? I think so, yes...could do a better job at keeping in touch, though.

15. Where would you retire to? See # 12 above

16. What was your most recent memorable birthday? They are all memorable...I love my birthday!

17. Favorite sport to watch? Baseball and College Basketball

18. How many towns have you lived in? Four - two in Illinois, two in Missouri

19. How many do you think will send this back? Everyone who reads this blog, of course!

20. Whats on your bedroom floor right now? Shoes

21. Favorite saying? This week it seems to be "holy shit!" (It's been a week of interesting occurences already)

22. When is your birthday? SL June 21, RL April 24

23. Are you a morning person or a night person? I love the Night Life!

24. What is your shoe size? 8 1/2

25. Pets? RL-One, a miniature dachshund named Macdermott. SL-Two. An Irish Setter named Ginger and a Doberman that Guy bought for my birthday...she's still nameless. (suggestions welcome)

26. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? not really

27. What did you want to be when you were little? A singer or an actress.

28. Which talent would you most like to have? Artistic...I would love to be able to paint or draw or even take a nice picture...but I just don't think I have the "eye" for it.

29. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Wow!

30. What is your favorite flower? Hydrangea

31. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? Friday...always Friday...any Friday (I only work a half day on Friday's and then spend the afternoon with my nephews)

32. What color are your eyes? Brown in RL and Blue (at the moment) in SL.

33 . What was your favorite toy as a child? Easy Bake Oven

34. Summer or winter? Summer trumps Winter, but Fall trumps them all.

35. Hugs or kisses? Both, please and thanks.

36. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla with Caramel sauce and cashews :)

37. Do you want your friends to send this back to you? Absolutely!

38. When was the last time you cried? Last night.

39. What is under your bed? Dust bunnies...and probably shoes.

40. Who is the friend you have had the longest in SL? Pyper and Payten I have known since Day one as they are RL friends also. Tucor though is my longest SL-originated friendship.

41. What did you do last night? Snugged with Codie, Shopped and Danced with Guy. (It's possible that I kicked a little ass on the Othello board...but I'm trying not to rub it in)

42. Favorite smell? Cannibas Santal soap by Fresh and newly-mown grass

43. What are you afraid of? Do I have to list them all...I'm kind of a 'fraidy cat sometimes.

44. Plain, sweet, or salted Popcorn? Salty and sweet together...lots of butter.

45. How many keys on your key ring? 5

46. How many years at your current job? seems like forever

47. Do you have any scars? One on my knee, a small one on my shoulder and 4 itty bitty ones on my belly from when I had surgery.

48. Favorite day of the week? Sunday

49. How many people will you be sending this to? Everyone who reads the blog.

50. Who's answers are you looking forward the most? Hmmm...pretty much everyone's, I think.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Travels with Gabby and Guy

Hi CC Readers. Gabby finally convinced me to contribute to her blog. So...rather than following her around from fashion show to fashion show carrying her purse, I decided to explore some of Second Life’s™ more "educational" sites.
One that we found was The David Rumsey Map Collection..

Now, before you start yawning...TAKE A LOOK at this fantastic site. Those who appreciate the "art" of SL™ site construction will be amazed when they read the note cards available to visitors at the "Second Life™ Interpretation was done by segmenting the original map into forty-two 1000-pixel-square textures, then separating each texture into layers. Each primitive segment contains two to five layers in order to achieve the illusion of depth."
This is just an example of the meticulous attention to detail paid to the site construction.
When you arrive you will find yourself on

"Yosemite Valley"(Topographical Map) 1883 - Wheeler, George M.
This is one of the earliest detailed surveys of Yosemite Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The map shows interesting cultural features in the valley, many of which no longer exist. The steep valley cliffs are shown with a map style of the 19th century called hachuring - closely spaced lines to indicate slope."

As you look around you find more like - "...Streets of NYC in 1836. This map has superb detail, down to the street level. While you are viewing the map, try changing camera angles to look at it straight on..."

"The grand canyon illustration that you see framed on our SIM has very impressive details. The sense of depth in this image is amazing, so we decided to show it as a layered parallax so that you can appreciate its sense of depth."
And one of our favorites - two huge globes you can fly into...

"... These spheres are impressive in size, and level of detail. Explore the world globe, or gaze into the celestial skies. You can even fly inside of it and see what's hidden inside."

There are several levels to this awesome site so don’t be afraid to look up.
And before you a stick pin on

I could place more pictures that Gabby and I took but we feel it would ruin the surprises awaiting you at The David Rumsey Map Collection.

As a "fan" of Architecture I would like to hear from readers who have found different and interesting Architectural sites in SL™.

Images copyright © 2000 by Cartography Associates. Images may be reproduced or transmitted, but not for commercial use. For commercial use or commercial republication, contact This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. By downloading any images from this site, you agree to the terms of that license.
Couture Conundrum also attributes text to the above copyright
For more information, go to

More Photos and Info After The Jump

Saturday, May 10, 2008

An Armidi Vacation

I have to admit a little secret...I've not always been a big fan of Armidi. I know, I know, I've probably just ruined any credibility I might have had with that little confession, but, alas, it is true.

However, that has changed dramatically over the last few months. I have really been impressed with their most recent releases, particularly the Vacanze collections. So when I received the group notice, I scrambled over there to pick up a fresh batch of did everyother fashionista on the grid, it seems, as I ran into half of them while I was there.

So, to make up for lost time, here is an Armidi-centric post showcasing two of the latest releases in the Vacanze Collection Deux line: The Trend du Jour dress and Triple Pearl Bracelets. As usual, click the link and jump on over for more photos and style sheets.

Style Sheet:
All Clothing and Accessories by Armidi Gisaci
Trend du Jour with Fleur Skirt-Verde
Pearl Egg Necklace - Black
Porta Corsico Bag - Black
Triple Pearl Bracelet - Black
Dalia Pump - Limon

Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze 3 Feline
Hair: ETD Davina II in Blonde

More Photos and Info After The Jump

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sneak Peak: Artilleri Skin

Antonia Marat of Artilleri gifted her update group yesterday with a preview of her new skin line. I've featured headshots of these adorable skins below.

/artilleri/ Emi skin - Anett makeup Skin Tones Left to Right, Top to Bottom : Full Length: Cream, Headshots: Porcelain, Cream, Sunkissed, Tan, Dark Tan - all with the Freckles option.

I love the glossy not-too-full, not-too-thin lips and the way they turn up at the corners just a smidge is delicious. The eye makeup is subtly smoky with blue-grey tones and dark liner. Various eyebrow shades are included and the blonde is perfect for the paler skin tones.

Speaking of, I was quite pleased with the skin tone range available. The porcelain shade is lovely but a bit pale for my taste as I usually stay just to the light side of most tan skin tones. But the cream tone is fresh and slightly rosy, I could definitely see myself wearing it. Overall though, the sunkissed tone is my favorite. Oh, and freckles! Each skin tone comes in a freckled or non-freckled version.

Are you in the Artilleri group? Yes, of course you are! Then scoot on over to Artilleri, be sure to wear your tag, and buy this little package of love from Antonia for only 1L$. What, you're not in the group? Oh, how sorry I am to hear that. You will have to wait then for the official release, as Antonia has closed her group enrollment for the time being.

Word of the Day: Bliss (Use it in a sentence for bonus points)

Oh, and the hair is Elizabeth(Blonde) by ETD and in the full length shot I am wearing some funky floral body art from Baiastice, part of the Ninfa de Boschi Outfit.

More Photos and Info After The Jump

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Born To Hand Jive, Baby!

Both Guy and I are huge fans of MaxMarine (I've previously blogged about my love affair with the Swordfish 40 here), so when we received the invitation to a Grease-themed party from MaxMarine owner Maximilian Milosz and Artilleri's own Antonia Marat, we knew this was one event we would not miss. And, let me tell you, boys and girls, we were not disappointed!

(Line Dancing on the Bar. L to R: Antonia Marat, Mira Raymaker, Amethest Peck, Anais Paperdoll, Kaedon Sao and Pixie Honey)

Dressed in our finest 50's/Retro/Rockabilly-inspired duds, we joined a fantastic group of revelers and danced the evening away. Max passed around Strawberry Milkshakes, Pixie Honey led a rousing trivia challenge, Amethest Peck and Anais Paperdoll kept the crowd excited, Otawan Fouquet kept the music going and Antonia was, indeed, the Hostess with the Mostest.

As for me, I pulled the look together by adding to my already bulging Artilleri collection. What can I say, the party was intended to celebrate the end of Artilleri's big sale (*begs Antonia not to make us wait too long for the new releases), so I had an excuse to shop. The Amy Winehouse-inspired hair and sky-high heels complimented perfectly the red and black ensemble I finally decided on.

Enjoy the shapshots from the party and keep reading for captions and style sheets.

Alla Ruff of Veschi (foreground) and Antonia Marat cutting a rug.

Guy and I taking a break and enjoying a slow dance together.

Style Sheet:
Shirt and Pants: chacha! mix 2 *black/red* by Artilleri
Hair: Amy by Aden Breyer
Glasses: Greta by Artilleri (part of group gift outfit)
Earrings and Necklace: Fancy Dices by Artilleri
Shoes: *KL* PlatformHighHeels Kiss Black by Kittie's Lair
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3

On Guy:
Jacket by Rogue
Jeans by Artilleri

More Photos and Info After The Jump

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day to Night

Do you ever have those days when you find yourself running between the office and an evening engagement without time to go home and change? I do. Alot. My daytime purses are crammed full of shoes, smaller evening bags, mascara, lipgloss and random bits and bobbles...the ultimate arsenal for any quick-change artist.

In SL I spend alot of time wandering the grid, dressed in my smartest shopping attire, searching out clothes, events and builds to tell you about. But, when that work is done, I like to glam it up a little bit and head out dancing with friends. This post is all about taking a wardrobe staple and making it work from Day to Night with just a quick change of accessories.

Oh, and the best can toss these chic linen pants in your oversized daytime bag with no worries. They will come out of your inventory just fine and you'll never even see the dry cleaning bill.

I started with the Loose Neck Tunic in Black from GLAM, shortened the sleeves and wore it with the puffy layer. This was the base for the transitional look. For daytime, I added the Tilda Pants from Cachet, a gold chain from Miam Miam, and some black platforms from Shiny Things to anchor the look. I finished off with a big red bag from Bianca F. and stuffed it full with all of the accessories I would need to change for an evening out.

When the workday was finally finished, I traded in my classic linen pants and platforms for a deliciously glam gold skirt and Paris boots from Digit Darkes, threw on some nylons, added a bolder necklace and ring from Paper Couture, some shiny gold bangles, and finished it off with a gold paillette clutch from Fleur (formerly Tete a Pied).

For good measure, I tied my hair back in a loose and messy can get hot out there on the dancefloor, you know.

Do you have a great quick-change outfit idea? Drop me a notecard in-world and tell me what you have in mind. We'll take some quick photos and I'll feature you and your outfits on the blog! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Until then, play with your wardrobe, mix it up, have fun...and then tell me all about it =)

More Photos and Info After The Jump