Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Y Factor

I thought I'd break from the norm and throw a little men's fashion at you. Just a little something to satisfy our readers with that pesky Y chromosome. I asked Guy to model for me and he was gracious enough to oblige after only a minimum of arm-twisting and sweet-talking by yours truly.

So we set out to find a couple of new-to-us items and came across Valiant. There are some really nice designs here and we picked out several. Then we made off to Shiny Things for some shoes and then rummaged through his inventory to fill out the looks.

Click the jump for more photos and style sheets.

The top photo, of course, is a great tuxedo from Rebel Hope. We really like to go out dancing, so this particular outfit comes up pretty often in the rotation.

With the vest, cuff and loafers, this look is perfect for a concert or other relatively casual shopping. (Honey, would you mind holding my purse, please? I just want to look at one more thing...)

And for ultra casual days, the open jacket with prim cuffs and collar work perfectly with the grey wash on these jeans from Rogue.

We do hope you enjoyed this little departure, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Style Sheets:
Look 1:
Tuxedo: Carlton by Rebel Hope
Vest and Tie: Carlton in Pewter by Rebel Hope
Shoes: Mens Black Shine by Storm Schmooz
Hair: HD in Wolf Black by hiko Nino
Sunglasses: Magnum Scripted by Suite 17

Look 2:
Shirt and Vest: White shirt with waist coat by Valiant
Sunglasses: Magnum Scripted by Suite 17
Jeans: Antonio Dark Wash by Moderno (no longer available)
Hair: HD in Wolf Black by hiko Nino
Bracelet: Belou Cuff by Shiny Things
Shoes: Tritones shoes - White leopard by Shiny Things

Look 3:
Jacket: Open Bomber Jacket by Valiant
Jeans: Grey Jeans by Rogue
Bracelet: Mens ID Bracelet by RH Engel
Shoes: Spencers in Black by Shiny Things
Hair: HD in Wolf Black by hiko Nino
Sunglasses: Magnum Scripted by Suite 17