Saturday, May 31, 2008

Missing Communities

This isn't going to be your usual post from me...don't worry, I'll be back later with some great summertime looks. But for now, I want to bring to your attention, dear readers, some new information about the SL5B Celebration. The official announcement reads, in part:

"Each year, on the date that Second Life came out of beta (June 23rd 2003), Residents and Lindens have gathered to celebrate the amazing world we’ve been creating. This June 23rd, our community marks its Fifth Birthday, and the volunteer Birthday Team (who has been planning this party since last year) picked a theme that will be hard to resist– “Celebrating the cultural diversity of Second Life”."
However, this year, several cultural communities within SL will be left out of the festivities. The SL Children communities, as well as Gor and BDSM communities have been banned from participation. When the event was announced on the Second Life blog, it was made clear that this event would be created by and for the residents.
"This is a Resident-created, Linden Lab-sponsored event, which means that Linden Lab has donated the land and various basic resources, but the rest comes from you, the community."
It appears this is no longer the case. You can read more about this travesty by visiting the blogs of those who are able to speak on this subject far more intelligently and eloquently than I. Writers such as Tateru Nino of, Vint Falken, Dusan Writer, among others have added their voice to the cause. (Actually, Vint has an excellent list on her site).

I ask you to please vote for the Missing Cultures and Communities from SL5B Jira issue reported by Vint Falken.