Sunday, May 11, 2008

Travels with Gabby and Guy

Hi CC Readers. Gabby finally convinced me to contribute to her blog. So...rather than following her around from fashion show to fashion show carrying her purse, I decided to explore some of Second Life’s™ more "educational" sites.
One that we found was The David Rumsey Map Collection..

Now, before you start yawning...TAKE A LOOK at this fantastic site. Those who appreciate the "art" of SL™ site construction will be amazed when they read the note cards available to visitors at the "Second Life™ Interpretation was done by segmenting the original map into forty-two 1000-pixel-square textures, then separating each texture into layers. Each primitive segment contains two to five layers in order to achieve the illusion of depth."
This is just an example of the meticulous attention to detail paid to the site construction.
When you arrive you will find yourself on

"Yosemite Valley"(Topographical Map) 1883 - Wheeler, George M.
This is one of the earliest detailed surveys of Yosemite Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The map shows interesting cultural features in the valley, many of which no longer exist. The steep valley cliffs are shown with a map style of the 19th century called hachuring - closely spaced lines to indicate slope."

As you look around you find more like - "...Streets of NYC in 1836. This map has superb detail, down to the street level. While you are viewing the map, try changing camera angles to look at it straight on..."

"The grand canyon illustration that you see framed on our SIM has very impressive details. The sense of depth in this image is amazing, so we decided to show it as a layered parallax so that you can appreciate its sense of depth."
And one of our favorites - two huge globes you can fly into...

"... These spheres are impressive in size, and level of detail. Explore the world globe, or gaze into the celestial skies. You can even fly inside of it and see what's hidden inside."

There are several levels to this awesome site so don’t be afraid to look up.
And before you a stick pin on

I could place more pictures that Gabby and I took but we feel it would ruin the surprises awaiting you at The David Rumsey Map Collection.

As a "fan" of Architecture I would like to hear from readers who have found different and interesting Architectural sites in SL™.

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Gabby Panacek said...

Thank you, love...for finally listening to me! *smirks* You did a wonderful job. You know I can't wait for you to do more posts...Hellooo? Chouchou? xoxo