Monday, June 30, 2008

My Sweetly Dark Side

One of the things I love most about SL is being able to change my look any old time I want to. And lately, it seems I've been more interested in "darker" styles. That would explain why I didn't hesitate to pick up this Ghost Princess outfit from !* REBEL-X-*! (though, honestly, given my love of accessories, it was probably the umbrella and the crown, not pictured, that did it for me). My only complaint? The skirt is too big and does not mod down any smaller. Hula hoop, anyone?

While trying on this outfit, a friend passed me a landmark to a store called Katat0nik. Always up for exploring a new store, I teleported over there to find some really cute stuff. The black boots are an in-store freebie, as is the adorable pink skirt.

The too-cute hoodie has a really great little fish (wearing a crown, no less!) on the front. The texture is a little blurry around the waistband, but all in all, it is well-done. And very reasonably priced. The pink boots were a little pricier, but have a beautiful texture around the leg prim and are a lot of fun to stomp around in. And can I just say that I looooove when designers include multiple sizes for their boots. I'm always nervous when I have to resize something like that.

Thinking that maybe my regular, blonde, ETD hair wasn't edgy enough for these outfits, I wandered over to Maitreya to see if I could find something more suitable. What luck! I found the Aimee style in a free fat pack. Free hair is always a good thing...well, usually.

For the skins, I just did a search for Goth and came up with one from '<3 cupcakes that I wore with the Ghost Princess outfit and I chose the RFL exclusive, Lust, from La Sylphide to wear with the Katat0nik outfit.

I'm thinking about exploring the whole Goth Lolita look a bit more, so stay tuned!

Style Sheets:

Outfit 1:
!* Rebel -X- *! Ghost Princess P. Outfit (included crown and cape not shown)
Boots: Axis Mundi Sculpted Boots by *katat0nik*
Skin: Random - Gothy by '<3 Cupcakes
Hair: Aimee by Maitreya in Jet
Lip Piercing: Monroe by /Fuel/

Outfit 2:
Jacket: Little Swallow Queen Hoodie in blue by *katat0nik*
Skirt: Plaid Butterfly Skirt in pink by *katat0nik*
Socks: !* Rebel -X- *! Ghost Princess (part of outfit)
Boots: Ghostfire Boots [Stomp Lightly] in pink/black by *katat0nik*
Skin: Ingrid Light - Lust by La Sylphide
Hair: Aimee by Maitreya in White
Lip Piercing: Monroe by /Fuel/

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Love The Nightlife...

The last couple of weeks have seemed like a tangle of parties and events. I'm exhausted! But looking back on the pictures, I am remembering all of the fun that was had. It is always great when friends, old and new, come together for dancing, conversation and, of course, mischief-making. So, I thought I'd share a few of them with you...just for kicks.

Plurk/Twitter Meet Up - L to R, Front to Back: Osiris Pfalz, Washu Zebrastripe, Jun Kuroda,
Dakota Blackmountain, Tenebrous Pau, and Timothy Lilliehook

I mentioned in a previous post that Guy and I hosted a party at our home, The Retreat at Balboa Beach. It was a fabulous time, but I was so busy playing hostess that I totally forgot to take any pictures! Bad, Gabby, Bad!

Not to worry, though, last week Damien Fate, Codie and I snuck around with Guy and Nexeus Fatale to throw a surprise 5 1/2 year Rezday party for Washu Zebrastripe. You read that correctly. Washu is older then Second Life. She is an original Beta Lifetime Member, but has sadly NEVER celebrated her Rezday (It falls on the day after mark your calendars). Damien made confetti launchers that went off whenever anyone said "Washu," Nexeus played all of her favorite tunes (and a few bop, anyone?), and lots of friends made their way over to dance and celebrate with her. It took some sneaking around, but we managed to keep the secret. Codie even had to find a way to eject Washu from her group so that she could send the invite without raising suspicion. It worked and a grand time was had by all. That is, until the powers-that-be decided to do a sim move in the middle of it! But, such is life in Linden Land, right?
Then came yesterday's Plurk/Twitter Meet Up organized by Osiris Pfalz and held at the Code Red Lounge. Tenebrous' sploder weakness was brought to light, the dancing poles were filled and 60's/70's/Disco fashions were the style du jour. These meet ups give us an opportunity to meet, in avatar, those with whom we share insight, witticisms and random minutiae when we are not in world...and sometimes even when we are. There was an excellent turn out and everyone had a great time!

After all of that, there was a fashion show and yet another party hosted by Mony Markova and her friend Sigmund Leominster at their new home. I've had a great couple of weeks, but have had very little time to work on some of my pet projects, this blog being one of them. So, I hope that the next few weeks are a little slower as I have some great posts planned (hint: I've been exploring my darker side lately). Stay tuned.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Style Flip: Cyber Punk

Sofia Gray mentioned, on her blog, a new store called .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. . This futuristic build carries a very limited selection, at present, of well-made clothing.

Their design aesthetic is decidedly CyberGoth/CyberPunk, and is a complete departure from my usual style. But, lately, I've been itching to mix it up a little bit, and the outfits I picked up at .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. provide that opportunity.

There are three outfits currently available for sale: Invader, De/konstrukt, and Monokrom. Items are hand-drawn and are provided on multiple layers for easy mixing and matching (check out how Sofia used the top from the De/konstrukt outfit with a tutu and created a completely different look).

The hair that I am wearing in these photos is fantastic and is also sold at .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::.. Be advised, though, it is sold separately AND is included in the Invader outfit (I didn't realize this and now have two of each color). But, the texturing on this wig is phenomenal. I think I could wear this everyday, but it doesn't really fit with my "everyday" wardrobe. So, don't be surprised if you see me wandering the grid in cyberpunk fashions more often just so that I will have the opportunity to wear this hair!

Some may find the prices to be a little out of their budget, but considering how exceptionally well-made the pieces are and the accessories included, I didn't even bat an eye. Individual pieces are available and are reasonably priced.

Be sure to visit .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. soon and while you are there, take a minute to look around the unique build and fly down to [Schema Oxymoron], a furniture store that features sleek, contemporary designs. I wonder if it might be time to do some redecorating?

Style Sheet:
All clothing by .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::.
White Outfit - Monokrom
Black Outfit - De/konstruckt
Hair - Invader Cyberlox with Goggles in Silver and in Black
Boots - J's Belt Boots
Skin - Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3
Piercing - Monroe Piercing by /Fuel/

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hair Fair 2008 - A Call To Designers

Coming soon to a sim near you...Hair Fair 2008. Preparations are underway for the colossal event that will fill four full sims! The Hair Fair committee is on the hunt for vendor applications for the third annual event that will benefit Locks of Love that will fill four full sims August 22-September 7, 2008

Designers, visit the Hair Fair Blog today and get your applications in by July 1, 2008. Residents mark your calendars for this out-of-this-world event.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spirit Dazzlers Audition Information

Pyper asked me to post this for her...
From the team audition application kit, now available at the landing point at SPIRIT...Please see the info after the jump!

"Hello and thank you for your interest in the SPIRIT Dazzlers Cheer and Dance Team. The SPIRIT Dazzlers is a team of cheerleaders, dancers, and spokesmodels who will represent SPIRIT with class, grace, and style at special events, paid performances, and charity events, model in upcoming SPIRIT catalogs, ads and fashion shows, appear in an annual team calendar, and perform in commercials and videos for SPIRIT. Ladies who are chosen to represent SPIRIT on the SPIRIT Dazzlers team will be paid for their participation at these events and modeling jobs, will have exclusive opportunities to build their modeling portfolios as few others can, and will receive many custom and prereleased SPIRIT designs while an active member on the team.

We will have 3 sections to the audition process, and we will make our final decision by July 31, 2008. Also attached is a breakdown of dates and an application.

1. Please create a folder named Dazzlers-(your name). In this folder please put the application and include 3 pics of yourself. 1 being a headshot, 1 being a full bodyshot and 1 being your favorite shot that will show us your personality. Please do not include nude shots.

2. The second portion to the auditions will be an invitation-only interview where you will be interviewed by SPIRIT Dazzlers Team Owner SavannahAnn McMillan and myself.

3. The third portion will be a tryout which will be a review of terms and moves. You will be given a move and you will just have to execute it in an order asked by the choreographer.

If you are chosen to become a member of the SPIRIT Dazzlers team, please be sure that the shape you send photos of is modifiable and one you are willing to dedicate exclusively to SPIRIT approved usage only.

Please send your folder with your application and pictures to Pyper Dollinger by July 1, 2008.

Good Luck everyone and Let's Shine!
Pyper Dollinger
Director, SPIRIT Dazzlers

Audition applications can be picked up for free (there's no audition fee either) at the SPIRIT store main landing point at

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I've Been A Bad, Albeit Busy, Girl

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! For some reason, I've felt like I was extremely busy...and now I realize that I have been busy procrastinating posting anything on this blog. So, I apologize for the completely unacceptable lack of updates.

What have I been busy with, you ask? Well, I can try to tell you, I suppose. But mostly, it seems like the last couple of weeks have flown by in such a flurry of activity, that I'm not quite sure I can remember all of it. I'll give it a shot though, yes? Here we go...

First, Guy and I hosted our very first party at our home on Balboa Beach. We had so much fun with all of the preparations, but wanted everything to be perfect, so we spent alot of time on it. We were so pleased with the turn out! So many of our friends were able to make it and we stayed up until the wee hours dancing and laughing...I think a few even hung around long after I finally had to trade my dancing shoes for a pillow. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend....especially those of you across the pond who fought the time zone monster to be there.

Then, Babyhoney Bailey made the decision to relinquish her Miss SL Universe crown. Rosie Shark and I were enlisted to interview Bho and Frolic Mills (Miss SL Universe founder) for It was fascinating to work side-by-side with Rosie and we were up very late documenting the drama and writing our article. You can read more about it here. Also, I just want to mention that it was great to find a new friend in Rosie, this girl is utterly fabulous. Be sure to check out her blog, Mean Girls Guide to SL.

But mostly, I've been having the best time meeting all kinds of Twittery, Plurky friends. It is so much fun to use other Social Networking outlets to broaden your SL horizons. As Codie and I discussed, SL on it's own is a horrible social networking device. There is no real way to connect with people of like interests, so these other outlets provide that opportunity. I can't tell you how many kind, generous, interesting, intelligent and ridiculously talented people I have met since I picked up the Twitter and Plurk habit. I credit the two photos in this post to one of these new friends, Jessyka Richard. She turned me on to the walking-on-hands AO and the spoon-on-the-nose trick...and you know how I love these neat little gizmos! Seriously, though, I am honored to have met each and every one of you, my dear Twitter/Plurk family. *smiles*

Also, one new something that I am really excited about it Codie's new sim, Rouge. The uber-talented Eshi Otawara is designing it, and while I won't give away any details - both Codie and Eshi have insisted that it remain a secret until it's completion - I can tell you that it is Fantastic with a Capital F! I am on the edge of my seat waiting to post some pictures here. It will be soon, I'm told, and there will be a fabulous Grand Sim Opening party to show it off. Stay tuned!

Oh, AND I celebrated my first Rez Day on Saturday! Yay me! I've really come to love my Second Life and all of my Second Life friends. Thanks to all of you who have made this so special to me...Guy, Tucor and Codie, I love you most of all.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I was playing around not too long ago and decided to wear everything pink in my inventory. Maybe not all at once, but I'm pretty sure at some point in the evening, I had on every stitch and pixel of pink I own.

The end result? This completely off the wall, slightly punky confection built around Aleri Darkes' La Sylphide Skirt. Enjoy!

Style Sheet:
Skirt: *AD* La Sylphide Skirt in Hott Pink
Top: Canimal Corset in Pink
Tights: Digit Darkes Couture Sliced Leg Stockings
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Bracelet: Cake Flea Market Bracelet
Bracelet: Bonita's Jewelry Double Wrap Bead Bracelet - Black
Earrings: Awesome Designs Hot Pink Hoops
Necklace: Yummy Love Logo in Gold
Ring: Paper Couture Diamond Bee Ring
Hair: Mirai Style Jlow in Coco
Skin: La Sylphide Ingrid LIght in Lust (RFL Limited Edition)
Eyes: Dramavatar Eyes Dark 12

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Black & White Done Right

A few weeks ago, while shopping with Codie, I picked up these great over-the-knee boots. But, I was never really successful at pairing them with anything but a latex catsuit (Dionne from Insolence's new Misty Line, please). After spending some time with her again this past weekend, I was inspired to put together a look that was a little edgy, a little couture and a little glam. So, who does any fashionista turn to for edgy couture glam? Digit Darkes, of course!

Oh, sure, I could have paired the boots with DD's new Determined coat (try the black coat with these boots and the bra and panties from Insolence's Melanie in, hot, hot!), but several other bloggers have done a great job photographing the DD's newest release. Besides, I really wanted something a little more suitable for an evening of dancing with Guy. Since our favorite DJ, Jen Noel, let us know in advance that the theme for the night was Black and White, I started looking for something that would show off the boots, look great on the dancefloor, and still complete my edgy-couture-glam vision. I think it works, what do you think?

I'm also trying on a new skin. This is Nemesis - Bronze Skin 03 by Beauty Avatar. I am huge fan of Ryker Beck, so when she posted these on her blog, I knew I had to run out and try them on. She has a great review of the entire Nemesis line, so be sure to check that out. Oh, and did I mention she is one of the sweetest, most generous girls I know? If not, it's out there now. ::blows kisses to Ryker::

Style Sheet:
Skirt: Digit Darkes Couture Separates-Half Tulle Skirt
Bodice and Tights: Last Call's Delilah (part of outfit, no longer available)
Boots: Drawmachine Overknees - Black
Lashes: Minnu Model Skins Photoshoot Lashes
Bracelet: +Plus *Wide Bangle in Silver*
Bracelet: Armidi Gisaci Metallic Tres Bangles - Silver
Skin: Beauty Avatar NEMESIS - Bronze Skin 03
Hair: Maitreya - River II - Natural Blond
Eyes (full length): Dramavatar Eyes Dark 12
Eyes (close up): Glanz Eyes mid:OceanBlue

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