Monday, June 30, 2008

My Sweetly Dark Side

One of the things I love most about SL is being able to change my look any old time I want to. And lately, it seems I've been more interested in "darker" styles. That would explain why I didn't hesitate to pick up this Ghost Princess outfit from !* REBEL-X-*! (though, honestly, given my love of accessories, it was probably the umbrella and the crown, not pictured, that did it for me). My only complaint? The skirt is too big and does not mod down any smaller. Hula hoop, anyone?

While trying on this outfit, a friend passed me a landmark to a store called Katat0nik. Always up for exploring a new store, I teleported over there to find some really cute stuff. The black boots are an in-store freebie, as is the adorable pink skirt.

The too-cute hoodie has a really great little fish (wearing a crown, no less!) on the front. The texture is a little blurry around the waistband, but all in all, it is well-done. And very reasonably priced. The pink boots were a little pricier, but have a beautiful texture around the leg prim and are a lot of fun to stomp around in. And can I just say that I looooove when designers include multiple sizes for their boots. I'm always nervous when I have to resize something like that.

Thinking that maybe my regular, blonde, ETD hair wasn't edgy enough for these outfits, I wandered over to Maitreya to see if I could find something more suitable. What luck! I found the Aimee style in a free fat pack. Free hair is always a good thing...well, usually.

For the skins, I just did a search for Goth and came up with one from '<3 cupcakes that I wore with the Ghost Princess outfit and I chose the RFL exclusive, Lust, from La Sylphide to wear with the Katat0nik outfit.

I'm thinking about exploring the whole Goth Lolita look a bit more, so stay tuned!

Style Sheets:

Outfit 1:
!* Rebel -X- *! Ghost Princess P. Outfit (included crown and cape not shown)
Boots: Axis Mundi Sculpted Boots by *katat0nik*
Skin: Random - Gothy by '<3 Cupcakes
Hair: Aimee by Maitreya in Jet
Lip Piercing: Monroe by /Fuel/

Outfit 2:
Jacket: Little Swallow Queen Hoodie in blue by *katat0nik*
Skirt: Plaid Butterfly Skirt in pink by *katat0nik*
Socks: !* Rebel -X- *! Ghost Princess (part of outfit)
Boots: Ghostfire Boots [Stomp Lightly] in pink/black by *katat0nik*
Skin: Ingrid Light - Lust by La Sylphide
Hair: Aimee by Maitreya in White
Lip Piercing: Monroe by /Fuel/


+ Rouge Darcy + said...

I've just found out about this blog post, thank you very much for featuring my Princess P. outfit :)

If you send me a message in world I will be glad to fit the skirt for you ;)