Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Love The Nightlife...

The last couple of weeks have seemed like a tangle of parties and events. I'm exhausted! But looking back on the pictures, I am remembering all of the fun that was had. It is always great when friends, old and new, come together for dancing, conversation and, of course, mischief-making. So, I thought I'd share a few of them with you...just for kicks.

Plurk/Twitter Meet Up - L to R, Front to Back: Osiris Pfalz, Washu Zebrastripe, Jun Kuroda,
Dakota Blackmountain, Tenebrous Pau, and Timothy Lilliehook

I mentioned in a previous post that Guy and I hosted a party at our home, The Retreat at Balboa Beach. It was a fabulous time, but I was so busy playing hostess that I totally forgot to take any pictures! Bad, Gabby, Bad!

Not to worry, though, last week Damien Fate, Codie and I snuck around with Guy and Nexeus Fatale to throw a surprise 5 1/2 year Rezday party for Washu Zebrastripe. You read that correctly. Washu is older then Second Life. She is an original Beta Lifetime Member, but has sadly NEVER celebrated her Rezday (It falls on the day after mark your calendars). Damien made confetti launchers that went off whenever anyone said "Washu," Nexeus played all of her favorite tunes (and a few bop, anyone?), and lots of friends made their way over to dance and celebrate with her. It took some sneaking around, but we managed to keep the secret. Codie even had to find a way to eject Washu from her group so that she could send the invite without raising suspicion. It worked and a grand time was had by all. That is, until the powers-that-be decided to do a sim move in the middle of it! But, such is life in Linden Land, right?
Then came yesterday's Plurk/Twitter Meet Up organized by Osiris Pfalz and held at the Code Red Lounge. Tenebrous' sploder weakness was brought to light, the dancing poles were filled and 60's/70's/Disco fashions were the style du jour. These meet ups give us an opportunity to meet, in avatar, those with whom we share insight, witticisms and random minutiae when we are not in world...and sometimes even when we are. There was an excellent turn out and everyone had a great time!

After all of that, there was a fashion show and yet another party hosted by Mony Markova and her friend Sigmund Leominster at their new home. I've had a great couple of weeks, but have had very little time to work on some of my pet projects, this blog being one of them. So, I hope that the next few weeks are a little slower as I have some great posts planned (hint: I've been exploring my darker side lately). Stay tuned.