Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh My MichaMi!

I'm currently working on an SLNN article about blogger-turned-designer, Milla Michinaga. Her wildly popular blog, MichaMi, is probably responsible for my addiction to SL Fashion, and it was through her blog that I discovered many of my favorite designers (yes, Milla is to blame for my Digit Darkes addiction). So when I heard that she had begun selling her own designs, under the same name, of course, I had to rush right over and buy her entire debut release!

Today, though, when I logged in, I found that she had sent me a review copy of her her latest release, and I was on cloud nine! On top of that, I finally found Creamshop and these giant earrings I have been lusting over for ages! Don't ask me why, but on the few other occasions I've tried to find this store, I've found myself in some really crazy shopping sim and not able to actually find the store and too rushed to spend enough time looking...yes, it appears I only have half a brain on occasion).
The texturing on the bustier is gorgeous, notice the delicate boning and seaming. Each article of clothing is available on all possible layers for easy layering. Milla also packs a photo of the outfit and includes a notecard listing her styling suggestions. I love this as one of the things I've always loved about Milla's blog is her careful selection of accessories, so even though she is no longer blogging, she's still giving us her fashion tips!
I love the giant Glam Earrings from Creamshop and couldn't pass up the Cock? Swan? Necklace. It's just too fantastic. I also found the Lily Bangle and thought it would work to add a little splash of color to the outfit. Add J's Gladiator Sandals and I'm ready for a summer night out on the grid!

Be sure to visit Milla's store, MichaMi, on Rue d'Antibes. You won't be disappointed in her classic style and beautifully designed wardrobe staples. And check back often, as I know she is working on even more products as I write. Ciao!

Style Sheet:

Outfit: MichaMi Bustier and Shorts Suit in Coffee
Earrings: Creamshop Glam Earrings in Wood
Necklace: Creamshop Cock? Swan? Necklace
Bracelet: Creamshop Lily Bangle in Orange
Shoes: J's Gladiator Sandals in Dark Brown
Eyes: Dramavatar Eyes Dark 12
Skin: Fleur Vivant Buff Feline/Rebelle (Custom)
Hair: ETD Lynne II in Blonde Burnt
Mani/Pedi: Nyterave Dark Sangria