Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rouge Has Arrived!

That's right. Today is the Grand Opening party for CodeBastard Redgrave's new sim, Rouge. The theme of the night is, of course, red, and I chose my gown accordingly. I actually thought of changing it once, but this is the dress Codie liked and since this is her day, I decided to stick.

Several people are keeping their party attire a secret but, since I have another, bigger, secret to keep, something had to give. So, I'm giving the metaverse a sneak peak at my homage to Rouge.

The gown, handbag and boa are from Rebel Hope, the earrings are Paper Couture, and the shoes are, of course, Stiletto Moody. Apart that, you'll find another tried and true ETD wig on my head and my makeup is by Fleur.

And, just in case you missed it (and I don't know how you could really, it's been all over the blogosphere since yesterday afternoon), here is the official Rouge Press Release and pictures of the sim. See you at the party!

"ROUGE - Saturday, July 5, 2008, marks the highly-anticipated unveiling of CodeBastard Redgrave's new sim, simply named, Rouge. Redgrave is the creator of the infamous Boudoir Rouge portrait series, developer of the MachinimaCam and Dramavatar fashion line, and owner of the Code Red Lounge and Gallery.

The aesthetic design of Rouge was conceptualized by Redgrave and legendary builder, Eshi Otawara. From that point, Otawara used her skills as a builder, designer and artist to create a multi-purpose destination that will serve as the new home of the Boudoir Rouge Gallery Walk, Code Red lounge and Rouge Boutique.

Just over 2500 prims were used to create the basic structure, artwork and furnishings. Otawara's judicious use of mega-prims and unique textures has created a locale never before seen in Second Life. The land is formed in the shape of a female silhouette outfitted with artistic touches signature to Rouge's proprietress. Visitors to the sim will instantly recognize Redgrave's signature color, and the sim's namesake, as well as her ever-present red stilettos. A black and red feather boa serves as the roof of the Gallery Walk and a shock of wavy hair provides cover for the Code Red Lounge.

The Rouge Boutique is housed inside a dance pole shackled at the feet of the silhouette. The boutique will offer selections of Redgrave's own creations, as well as, offerings from some of the grid's most notable designers. All items available for purchase in the Rouge Boutique will feature the color red in keeping with the sim's theme. Designers who have already signed on to have their designs featured in the Rouge Boutique include, among others: Casa del Shai (Shai Delacroix), Juicy, Tesla, and Bluebell Productions.

Additionally, Rouge will be available for use by individuals and organizations wishing to host parties, fashion shows and other events in a unique and beautiful setting.

Rouge will open, officially, with a Grand Opening party that will begin at 2:00 pm SLT on Saturday, July 5, 2008. Events are planned throughout the day and night so that the festivities can be attended by friends from around the globe. Hostesses for the evening will be the luminous duo of Queen Coronet and LadyArwen Demina. The DJ line up includes some of Second Life's most sought after mix masters:
  • 2PM-3PM - DJ Azufr3
  • 3PM-5PM - Digital Francis
  • 5PM-7PM - Nexeus Fatale
  • 7PM-9PM - Amanda Shinji
  • 9PM-11PM - Init Hubble
  • 11PM-1AM - Eris Alexander
  • 1AM-3AM - To be determined
  • 3AM-5AM - To be determined
  • 5AM-7AM - Nephie Eerie - Stella Errans
Several of Second Life's most prominent designers have signed on as sponsors of the epic Grand Opening event and will offer special gifts to invitees. The sponsors list includes:
  • Tesla
  • Casa del Shai
  • Juicy
  • Bluebell Productions
  • Simply Silks
  • Callie Cline
  • Alexx Markova
Due to the expected high demand, access MAY be limited to Code Red group members. IM CodeBastard Redgrave for a group invitation and come join the fun. "

*Rouge sim photos by Stephan Venkman