Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cachet To Spare

Cachet - \ka-ˈshā\ - noun - 1: an indication of approval carrying great prestige, 2: a characteristic feature or quality conferring prestige.

Minnu Palen and Thora Charron embody the very definition of the word, so it is no surprise that their latest foray into haute couture should be branded accordingly. With the release of their Spring 2008 line, I have decided to post a retrospective of my favorite pieces from their debut line and a sampling of new releases.

More Photos and Style Sheets after the cut...

Let's begin with Cachet's debut release...
The Ford (Ice) Dress, with it's short white skirt and cut-out at the midriff, is textured beautifully and gives off a sheen that feels almost iridescent. The two photos featured here show off the dress in a setting with more natural daylight and with with the windlight settings manipulated to showcase the iridescence of the texture. Thanks to Tucor Capalini for providing the photos and allowing me to shoot at his Lunar Landing location.

The Spider outfit, with its wrap of tulle, sleek pants and fashion-forward belt, is edgy and fun. Though the tulle wrap floats around the body fluidly, one would never consider it "fluffy" or "confection-y," this is couture, for sure.

The Marlene dress takes the inventory-staple Little Black Dress and pushes it into Haute Couture. The low-cut bodice is perfectly complimented by the futuristic headpiece, with it's silver and stiff netting, and the strong profile of the shoulder pieces. The simple silver clutch, which comes with the outfit, is a simple and elegant touch that serves to ground the outfit, not overpower it.

Victoria takes the classically feminine line of the babydoll dress and infuses it with a lot of style. The rich plum color and sheer white tights can be dressed up or down without detracting from its couture tilt. Here I've chosen to pair it with some sculpted boots from Redgrave.
And now....drumroll, please...for the new releases...
Alex is a vision in chiffon chic. The skirt moves beautifully and the slight slit in the front of the skirt offers an occasional glimpse of the matching panties. This dress needs nothing more than a pair of nude, snakeskin peep-toes to make this fashionista feel like a lady.

Recently, I read a comment from Caliah Lyon (she of Muse fame), praising the detailing of Cachet's pants. The Tilda outfit demonstrates this beautifully. And though I love every outfit I have purchased from Cachet to date, this is the one I would kill to be able to rez into my RL wardrobe.

Finally, GoldGlam is delicately textured with an upscale leaf-like pattern that takes the metallic gold from day to night with ease. I've photographed the skirt here, but when you purchase the outfit, you'll also receive pants with the same attention to detail mentioned above.

If you've not yet visited Cachet, I encourage you to throw on your stilettos and head over there tout de suite. You won't find an overwhelming number of items, but a carefully edited selection of designs and accessories. Each item is fashion-forward yet wearable, and, to my mind, very well-made. In other words...this is a boutique with Cachet to spare.

Style Notes:
All Clothing and accessories by Minnu Palen and Thora Charron for Cachet
All Hair by ETD (Except cover photo, which is from BooN)
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze 3 Feline
Eyes: Tuli Bright Blue Eyes
Shoes, by outfit:
Ford (Ice) and Marlene - Stiletto Moody Pumps (color change)
Victoria (cover photo) - Stiletto Moody Elegant Slingback (Silver Twinkle)
Victoria (article photo)- Redgrave Boots, Black Leather Sculpties
Alex and Tilda - Kittie's Lair Peep Toe Pumps Tease! in Snake01
GoldGlam - Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingback in Black with Gold