Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Going On A Diet

Tuesday night I had some time to myself so I decided to hatch a drakelet or two and work on organizing my out of control inventory. It has reached situation critical and drastic measures must be taken.

Why drakelet hatching? I love the thrill of hunting for new hatching locations and the little drakes are just so cute! But most importantly, Drakelets take about 45 minutes to hatch, and during that time you have to stay in one spot...waiting. So, that is 45 minutes that I can set aside to work on my inventory without distraction. Also, building is allowed in most of the Grendel's Children areas, so opening boxes is not an issue. But, I digress...

Follow the jump to read more about my plan to trim down and shape up.

I'm going on a diet. That's right. Until my inventory has been returned to a manageable state, I will be cutting out the fat (read: deleting those items I know I'll never actually wear or need) and only consuming new releases that I just can't live without. I actually thought about not allowing myself to make ANY purchases until I was down to a manageable weight (read: item count), but then the "what ifs" took over. What if ETD puts out a new release of hair or shoes? What if Tres Jolie releases a new dress that I have to have? What if Muse introduces a new line of jewelry? No. I had to leave myself an out to take advantage of these possibilities.

For the time being though, I'll be posting about items that I find in my inventory that I had completely forgotten about be they clothes or objects or landmarks. I hope you will enjoy all of the treasures that I have buried so deeply.

Style Sheet (Note: Aside from my skin and the boots, everything that I am wearing has been sitting in my inventory completely untouched for months)
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze 3 Feline
Boots: J's Goth Belt Boots
Jacket: Last Call Damascus Urbane Jacket (slip)
Jeans: Armidi Limited A001 Jeans Black Industrial
Hair: Aveda Institutes at ETD Aveda Short Crop 2 - AVEDA Champagne
Watch: Muse Classic Tank Watch in Natural/Silver (dark face)
Location: Grendel's Children - Avaria Kro - Waiting for my BloodSmog Drakelet to Hatch.