Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meetups and Openings and Shows...Oh My!

Saturday was a very busy day on the grid and I did my best to make the most of it! First up was the Twitter meetup where I had the opportunity to visit with all of my new twitter friends.*waves* I only wish I'd thought to take more pictures.::sigh::

(What? You don't twitter? You simply must, darlings! Ha! I even talked Guy into it!)

Harper Beresford and CodeBastard Redgrave hold court at the Twitter Meetup.

While at the party, my new, fabulous friend, CodeBastard Redgrave, invited me to attend the opening of the Arthole gallery with her. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the exhibits in abject amazement and then dancing and laughing and taking part in general mischief making.

When you arrive at Arthole, you are given a notecard that reads, in part:

"Arthole is a new collaborative project between Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine. Having successfully worked together for the first time in 2007 on the exhibition Salon Du Disruptif for the Heldscalla Foundation, they were eager to establish a permanent space for their work.

Split into three separate levels, the gallery has been very consciously conceived to be a continually evolving space, that will strive to challenge and surprise the visitor. The environment has been designed to encourage exploration at a more considered pace, and those that choose to do so will likely be rewarded with a much more immersive and satisfying experience."

In fact, you will find several notecards as you study the individual works. Read them. They are full of information that will enhance your enjoyment of the exhibit.

Instead of regurgitating that information to you here, I'm going to leave you with some photos and captions and brief little snippets...and a direct command to visit the space for yourself. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Click on each photo for a larger view.

Located on the third level, which will be used for exhibits by visiting artists, this photo was taken in the space created by Arthole's first guest, Ichibot Nishi. The installation is titled "λ.mnemonic” and there really are no words to describe it, you must see and experience for yourself. Codie took the above photo of the two of us inside the giant vagina. Please click this link to Codie's Flickr page to view more of her photos from the opening...and then browse around to see ALL of her amazing work...DO NOT skip the Boudoir Rouge series.

Like so many of the exhibits, both Simulacrum v2 and Untitled v2 are scripted to provide a multi-dimensional display. Simulacrum v2 shows subtle changes in movement and texture that will mesmerize the viewer and Untitled v2 is comprised of a series of overlapping images creating an ever-evolving work of art.

Null will really draw you in. When you first teleport to the level, it appears to be simply a bright white room with pyramidical walls. Walk into the space, though, and you will notice that the walls follow you. Go ahead, fly around, they'll keep up. Did I mention that you need to turn your sound up when visiting the gallery? No? How remiss of me! Please, do make sure your sounds are turned up, it will really enhance your experience here. Especially when you turn away from the Null space and enter the Fontana exhibit.

My favorite exihibit, though, is titled Fuck me/Shoot me. Each of the eight colored panels is comprised of tiny, repeating images of an anonymous, shirtless British soldier holding a gun. (The inset picture here, showing the detail, was taking from the notecard provided by the artist) As you walk or fly into the panels, the color will change on contact. The interactivity, and gravity, of the piece is awe-inspiring.

Oh, and I did mention the party, yes? Of course, I remembered the party! What a fabulous time! I must thank Codie again (and again and again and again) for inviting me...we danced up a storm, laughed hysterically and held a very *cough* serious *ahem* discussion as to the pros and cons of jiggly prim breasts.

Oh, but the busy day did not end there. Later that evening, Guy and I attended the eLDee Fashion Show featuring the designs of the uber talented Lilyana Dryke. Tune in Monday for pictures from the show.

Now get thee to Arthole tout de suite! Right after you open that twitter account, of course. *wink*