Thursday, August 7, 2008

Everything's Bigger & Better in caLLiefornia

Callie Cline has finally opened her new store in caLLiefornia and I have to tell you, the new build is a shopper's paradise...and it's not even completely finished yet! From the light, bright and spacious design to the elegantly ornate decor, not a single detail has been overlooked.

From the outside, the new building is sleek and whimsical, much like the designer herself. You may or may not know that when Callie first started designing, she wanted a store dominated by skull designs. Over time, though, her styles have evolved through glitter and gowns to vintage cocktail. Her current releases are eclectic and daring, fun and fashion-forward.
Step inside and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. The massive staircase and chandelier that are the focal point of the store's interior were once the standout features of the Opera House on the Intempesta Nox sim. Both were created by Sue Stonebender and Baron Grayson, and was acquired by Callie when the Opera House was destroyed in October of 2007.
When Callie won the staircase at auction, she didn't know what she would do with it, only that she had to have this piece of SL history...partly for it's historical significance and partly because it was Sue who introduced Callie to SL and Baron is an artist whose work she greatly admires.

As soon as Callie rezzed the staircase, she knew she wanted a store around it and called on Moxie Polano to help. Together, they, along with Barnesworth Anubis, created, moved, textured and retextured walls and floors and windows, then moved them around again until the current structure materialized. Callie calls her new store a work in progress, and you can hear the excitement when she talks about how inspired she is by that prospect alone.
Each room is themed...there is the "pink room", "wild room', "aquarium" (for swimwear), "dark room", "runway room", and each showcases a different aspect of Callie's eclectic personality and diverse tastes. And because the store is so large, Callie will be able to finally release the designs she has been working on for the past year that she just has not had the space for until now. And watch for the store to evolve over time, because now, when she gets bored, she won't have to build, she can just redecorate a room or two!

The rooms on the lower level feature Callie's ready-to-wear collections and the caLLie cLine HOME store. Here you will find the new Create-a-Dress Cruise Collection, accessories and her fun and funky casual styles.
Take the staircase to the second level and you will find the formal gowns, couture collections and Callie's own line of intimates.

Callie is planning a proper grand opening event for the fall and will begin hosting fashion shows on the grand staircase. She also intends to start the "rock-n-fashion" events as the new shop has a huge open space perfect for events without a lot of product in the way. In the future, look for artists whom she admires showing their work in the store.

But the really exciting for Callie to also introduce her brand new poses, skins, hair and shoes!

Take this opportunity to visit the new caLLie cLine store at caLLiefornia and discover the style and design that is beautifully, and unmistakably, caLLie cLine.