Monday, August 4, 2008

More Love For Marie

Tesla's new Marie Heels truly are fantastic. I just couldn't resist taking some more photos to show you how exquisitely detailed and beautifully designed they are.
The Maries, created by the one and only Tesla Miles, come in ten color combinations, with the toe cap in a color or tone complimentary to the rest of the upper. The colors range from a basic black, with it's grey, almost silvery toe cap, to a Torley-friendly watermelon, whose green and pink add playfulness and whimsy to a summer wardrobe.
Look closer and you can see evidence of Tesla's talent. From the stitching, even on insole, to the subtle shine on the buckle, no detail has been left to chance. The highlight and shading on the leather texture itself adds a depth and richness not often seen on the grid. The shoes feature a resizing script, as almost all of Tesla's designs do, to insure a perfect fit on any avatar. The moderate platform under the toe and the vintage-like T-Strap create a shoe that is grounded enough for casual, daytime wear, yet elegant enough for formal evening wear.

I'll stop for now and let you run on over to Tesla and pick up a pair or ten for yourself.