Friday, August 1, 2008

I Am A Fashion Assassin

A few weeks ago, Iota Ultsch sent a very special gift to her Tres Jolie group members with the following message:

"Are you a fashion victim or a fashion assassin? Get Dressed to Kill in Tres Jolie!"

Now, I will freely admit to being a little out of touch the last few weeks, but to have missed this?!? I must have been living under a rock. Why, you ask...Because the gift was this amazing Dressed to Kill Umbrella! And not just any umbrella, mind you, but a fire arm fit for a fashion assassin masquerading as a gun! Yes, weaponry and weather-proofing in one very fashionable accessory!

While I was photographing Torrid Midnight's Paraplu pose set and AO, I was chatting with the Tres Jolie group, and asked Iota to suggest a frock to go with my red paraplu. When I arrived at her boutique on Slusteria, and Iota graciously offered the umbrella I had missed out on, I knew instantly that I would be doing a second umbrella post. This time with Iota's Rouge Metallique dress as the star of the show!

As the name suggests, the frock is metallic in texture and hued in a vibrant red. The bodice features an offset neckline, perfect for framing the included choker. The skirt moves beautifully, as though made of silk, but it is the creative way in which Iota has used something as industrial and architectural as metal, softened it, and created a gown that is, at once, high-fashion and completely wearable. Iota also includes a gorgeous pair of pave diamond earrings to complete the ensemble.

Iota suggested these white patent ankle boots from Bax Boots, and they are perfect. They are also scripted for infinite customization. Wear them with or without the lace topper, change the color of the soles, the heels, the grommets, the laces...the possibilities are endless.

But there was one problem. How to shoot a photograph of myself using the umbrella as a weapon. If there is a way to take a photo of yourself while in mouselook, I don't know it. So, I called on fellow Tres Jolie group member, Applonia Criss to help out. She graciously provided the photos I needed and we spent some time chatting about her in-world magazine, NuView. Wow! What a passionate and creative person she is! I'll be sure to tell you more about Applonia and NuView really soon...I might even do a couple of articles for her! Wheeee!

So, don't be a fashion disaster. Everything you need to look and feel like a Fashion Assassin is available at Tres Jolie. And if you ask really nicely, maybe even add Tres Jolie to your profile picks, I'll bet Iota will give you the Dressed to Kill Umbrella, too!

Style Notes:
Dress and Jewelry: Rouge Metallique by Tres Jolie
Shoes: Ankle Boots White Patent by Bax Boots
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze 3 Feline
Hair: Davina II in Blonde by ETD
Umbrella: Dressed To Kill - Tres Jolie Group Gift
Top two photos by Applonia Criss